This year, I am participating in the online QMart at the Friends General Conference (FGC) Gathering.  In addition to the books I wrote, I now offer a selection of used, rare, and out-of-print Quaker books for sale. Browse our books using the Used Books For Sale menu.


I have published three books (so far). All are available from QuakerBooks.org (FGC’s bookstore), VintageQuakerBooks.com, Amazon.com, and from me using my contact page.


We Answered With Love: Pacifist Service in World War I: 

The Letters of Leslie Hotson and Mary Peabody

By Nancy Learned Haines

In Ambook-covererica, 1918 was a time of zealous patriotism. But not everyone believed in the rightness of war. Leslie Hotson’s conscience led him to go to France with the American Friends Service Committee to repair the wounds of war. Mary Peabody worked to change conditions at home as a radical socialist and anti-war activist. Both hoped that their love of mankind would lead them to living out their highest ideals.

          We Answered With Love is based on the letters of these two thoughtful young people, giving a personal perspective on the role of pacifists during the Great War and, at the same time, revealing a delightful, romantic story of friendship turning to love.


Approved! A Story About Quaker Meeting for Business

By Nancy L. Haines, illustrated by Anne E. G. Nydam

How can children work cooperatively to make decisions? Approved! A Story ApprovedfrontthumbAbout Quaker Meeting for Business tells of a group of children who want to donate the money they earned selling hot dogs at their Quaker meeting. The story uses simple, clear language and charming artwork to introduce Quaker process, highlighting

  • The role of the clerk and recording clerk
  • Reporting to meeting for business
  • Participating in spiritual discernment
  • Identifying the sense of the meeting
  • Writing and approving minutes
  • Working together as a community

          Approved! includes additional tools for Quaker meetings, schools, and camps to help children learn the basics of Quaker process including queries, a glossary, and a brief overview of junior meeting for business at Wellesley Monthly Meeting in Massachusetts. 


Aprobado! Una Historia  Acerca de la Junta de Acuerdos  de los Cuáqueros

Escrito por Nancy L Haines
Ilustrado por Anne E G Nydam
Traducido por Kenya Casanova

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At the request of  Kenya Casanova of Cuba Yearly Meeting and Karen Gregorio of Santidad Yearly Meeting, Guatemala, both members of FWCC Section of the Americas Executive Committee, the book has been translated for  Spanish-speaking Quakers in Latin America and the United States.